After graduating from Oxford in 2014 with honours in Modern History, Sophia Erickson moved to Beijing to teach English in a program at Tsinghua University. Working in China allowed her to break into working internationally while paying off most of her U.S. student loans. Most importantly, she had fun exploring Asia, diving into different cultures and learning conversational Mandarin. In the process, Sophia uncovered extraordinary international opportunities for liberal arts majors and others who’d like to live and work overseas. 

Sophia has spent her life integrating herself into foreign cultures. She knows the short-cuts, best practices, and pitfalls of seeking academic and personal success internationally. Born in France in a bicultural U.S.- French family, Sophia attended elementary and middle schools in six different countries before matriculating into a high school outside of Boston, Massachusetts

Now based in Dubai, Sophia spent nearly three years living and working in China. She recently wrote a book about how others can learn from her experience. It’s called The China Option — A Guide for Millennials.  

In her book Sophia uses her China experiences in a fun and informative guide for everyone dreaming about living abroad but wondering if it’s possible to turn the dream into reality. Sophia knows it’s possible to break out of the student loan trap. Going to China can be a great way to do it. 

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